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 jidToId, Candy.Util
 Join, Candy.Core.Action.Jabber.Room
 joinAnimation, Candy.View.Pane.PrivateRoom
 leaveAnimation, Candy.View.Pane.PrivateRoom
 linkify, Candy.Util.Parser
 localizedTime, Candy.Util
 log, Candy.Core
 nl2br, Candy.Util.Parser
 notifyPrivateChats, Candy.View.Observer.Presence
 onAutoscrollControlClick, Candy.View.Pane.Toolbar
 onBlur, Candy.View.Pane.Window
 onFocus, Candy.View.Pane.Window
 onInfoMessage, Candy.View.Pane.Chat
 onPlaySound, Candy.View.Pane.Toolbar
 onScrollToBottom, Candy.View.Pane.Room
 onScrollToStoredPosition, Candy.View.Pane.Room
 onSoundControlClick, Candy.View.Pane.Toolbar
 onStatusMessageControlClick, Candy.View.Pane.Toolbar
 onWindowUnload, Candy.Core
 open, Candy.View.Pane.PrivateRoom
 parseAndCropXhtml, Candy.Util
 playSound, Candy.View.Pane.Toolbar
 presencePriority, Candy.Core
 PrivacyList, Candy.Core.Event.Jabber
 PrivacyListError, Candy.Core.Event.Jabber
 Private Functions
 rawInput, Candy.Core
 reduceUnreadMessages, Candy.View.Pane.Window
 registerEventHandlers, Candy.Core
 remove, Candy.Core.ChatRoster
 removeIgnoreIcon, Candy.View.Pane.Room
 RemoveIgnoreList, Candy.Core.Action.Jabber
 removeRoom, Candy.Core
 removeTab, Candy.View.Pane.Chat
 renderUnreadMessages, Candy.View.Pane.Window
 ResetIgnoreList, Candy.Core.Action.Jabber
 resource, Candy.Core
 ROLE_MODERATOR, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 room, Candy.Core.ChatRoom
 rooms, Candy.View.Pane.Chat
self.jidToId = function(jid)
Translates a jid to a MD5-Id
Join: function(roomJid,
Requests disco of specified room and joins afterwards.
joinAnimation: function(elementId)
Animates specified elementId on join
Leave: function(roomJid)
Leaves a room.
Leave: function(msg)
Leaves a room and cleans up related data and notifies view.
leaveAnimation: function(elementId)
Leave animation for specified element id and removes the DOM element on completion.
linkify: function(text)
Replaces URLs with a HTML-link.
self.localizedTime = function(dateTime)
Localizes ISO-8610 Date with the time/dateformat specified in the translation.
self.log = function()
Overridden to do something useful if debug is set to true.
self.Login = function(presetJid)
Notify view that the login window should be displayed
The login event gets dispatched to this method
Message: function(roomJid,
Send message
Message: function(msg)
Acts on room, admin and server messages and notifies the view if required.
Message: function(msg)
Acts on various message events (subject changed, private chat message, multi-user chat message) and notifies view.
Message: function(event,
Dispatches admin and info messages
Messages received get dispatched from this method.
nl2br: function(text)
replaces newline characters with a br/ to make multi line messages look nice
notifyPrivateChats: function(user,
Notify private user chats if existing
onAutoscrollControlClick: function()
Autoscroll control event handler.
onBlur: function()
Window blur event handler.
onFocus: function()
Window focus event handler.
onInfoMessage: function(roomJid,
Display info message.
onPlaySound: function()
Sound play event handler.
onScrollToBottom: function(roomJid)
Scrolls to the latest message received/sent.
onScrollToStoredPosition: function(roomJid)
When autoscroll is off, the position where the scrollbar is has to be stored for each room, because it otherwise goes to the top in the message window.
onSoundControlClick: function()
Sound control click event handler.
onStatusMessageControlClick: function()
Status message control event handler.
self.onWindowUnload = function()
window.onbeforeunload event which disconnects the client from the Jabber server.
open: function(roomJid,
Opens a new private room
self.parseAndCropXhtml = function(str,
Parses the XHTML and applies various Candy related filters to it.
playSound: function()
Play sound (default method).
Presence: function(attr,
Sends a request for presence
Presence: function(msg)
Acts on a presence event
Presence: function(msg)
Acts on various presence messages (room leaving, room joining, error presence) and notifies view.
PresenceError: function(msg)
Acts when a presence of type error has been retrieved.
Presence errors get handled in this method
presencePriority: 1
Default priority for presence messages in order to receive messages across different resources
PrivacyList: function(msg)
Acts on a privacy list event and sets up the current privacy list of this user.
PrivacyListError: function(msg)
Acts when a privacy list error has been received.
self.rawInput = function(data)
(Overridden from Strophe.Connection.rawInput)
reduceUnreadMessages: function(num)
Reduce unread message count in window title by `num`.
self.registerEventHandlers = function()
Adds listening handlers to the connection.
this.remove = function(jid)
Remove user from roster
removeIgnoreIcon: function(roomJid,
Remove the ignore icon to the roster item of the specified user
RemoveIgnoreList: function()
Remove an existing ignore list.
self.removeRoom = function(roomJid)
Removes a room from the rooms list
removeTab: function(roomJid)
Remove tab element.
renderUnreadMessages: function(count)
Update window title to show message count.
ResetIgnoreList: function()
Create new ignore privacy list (and reset the previous one, if it exists).
JID resource to use when connecting to the server.
Moderator role
Object containing roomJid and name.
rooms: []
Contains opened room elements
Roster: function()
Sends a request for a roster
Candy.Core.ChatRoster instance