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Triggered when no autojoin information has been found
Triggered before a connection attempt is made.
Connection status updates
Admin message
Server message (e.g.
Triggered when the login window should be displayed
Triggers on various message events (subject changed, private chat message, multi-user chat message).
Triggers on any recieved chatstate notification.
Presence updates.
Triggered when a presence error happened
When the local client leaves a room
Room presence updates
Incoming chat invite for a MUC.
Messages with the type attribute of normal or those that do not have the optional type attribute.
Messages with a type other than the ones listed in RFC3921 section 2.1.1.
After admin message display
Using this event, you can alter the default Candy (View) behaviour when reacting to connection updates.
Triggered after showing a message
Before rendering the message element
Before sending a message
Before showing a new message
Presence update when kicked or banned
After opening a new private room
Before opening a new private room
After initialising a room
After closing a room
After hiding a room
After showing a room
After changing the subject of a room
Before initialising a room
After context menu display
After updating a room’s roster
Before updating the roster of a room
Modify existing menu links (add links)