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 add, Candy.Core.ChatRoster
 addHandler, Candy.Core
 addIgnoreIcon, Candy.View.Pane.Room
 addTab, Candy.View.Pane.Chat
 addToOrRemoveFromPrivacyList, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 adminMessage, Candy.View.Pane.Chat
 all, Candy.Util.Parser
 allTabsClosed, Candy.View.Pane.Chat
 appendToMessagePane, Candy.View.Pane.Room
 attach, Candy.Core
 Bookmarks, Candy.Core.Event.Jabber
 changeDataUserJidIfUserIsMe, Candy.View.Pane.Room
 changeNick, Candy.View.Pane.PrivateRoom
 close, Candy.View.Pane.Room
 connect, Candy.Core
 Connect, Candy.Core.Event.Strophe
 Connection, Candy.View.Observer.Chat
 cookieExists, Candy.Util
 createHtml, Candy.Util.Parser
 crop, Candy.Util
 deleteCookie, Candy.Util
 disconnect, Candy.Core
 emotify, Candy.Util.Parser
 escape, Candy.Util.Parser
 escapeJid, Candy.Util
 fitTabs, Candy.View.Pane.Chat
 forceRedraw, Candy.Util
 get, Candy.Core.ChatRoster
 getAffiliation, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 getAll, Candy.Core.ChatRoster
 getConnection, Candy.Core
 getCookie, Candy.Util
 getCurrent, Candy.View
 getCustomData, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 getEscapedJid, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 getIeVersion, Candy.Util
 GetIgnoreList, Candy.Core.Action.Jabber
 GetJidIfAnonymous, Candy.Core.Action.Jabber
 getMenuLinks, Candy.View.Pane.Context
 getName, Candy.Core.ChatRoom
 getNick, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 getPane, Candy.View.Pane.Room
 getPosLeftAccordingToWindowBounds, Candy.Util
 getPosTopAccordingToWindowBounds, Candy.Util
 getPrivacyList, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 getRole, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 getRoom, Candy.Core
 getRooms, Candy.Core
 getRoster, Candy.Core.ChatRoom
 getStropheStatus, Candy.Core
 getTab, Candy.View.Pane.Chat
 hasFocus, Candy.View.Pane.Window
 hasNicknameChanged, Candy.Core.ChatUser
 hideCloseControl, Candy.View.Pane.Modal
 hideSpinner, Candy.View.Pane.Modal
this.add = function(user)
Add user to roster
self.addHandler = function(handler,
Wrapper for Strophe.Connection.addHandler() to add a stanza handler for the connection.
addIgnoreIcon: function(roomJid,
Add the ignore icon to the roster item of the specified user
addTab: function(roomJid,
Add a tab to the chat pane.
this.addToOrRemoveFromPrivacyList = function(list,
Convenience function for adding/removing users from ignore list.
adminMessage: function(subject,
Display admin message
all: function(text)
Does everything of the parser: escaping, linkifying and emotifying.
allTabsClosed: function()
All tabs closed event: Disconnect from service.
appendToMessagePane: function(roomJid,
Append a new message to the message pane.
self.attach = function(jid,
Attach an already binded & connected session to the server
Bookmarks: function(msg)
Acts on a bookmarks event.
changeDataUserJidIfUserIsMe: function(roomId,
Changes the room’s data-userjid attribute if the specified user is the current user.
changeNick: function changeNick(roomJid,
Changes the nick for every private room opened with this roomJid.
clearUnreadMessages: function(roomJid)
Clear unread message count in a tab.
clearUnreadMessages: function()
Clear unread message count in window title.
close: function(roomJid)
Close a room and remove everything in the DOM belonging to this room.
self.connect = function(jidOrHost,
Connect to the jabber host.
Connect: function(status)
Acts on strophe status events and notifies view.
Connection: function(event,
The update method gets called whenever an event to which “Chat” is subscribed.
self.cookieExists = function(name)
Tests if a cookie with the given name exists
self.createHtml = function(elem,
Copy an HTML DOM element into an XML DOM.
self.crop = function(str,
Crop a string with the specified length
self.deleteCookie = function(name)
Deletes a cookie with the given name
Disco: function(roomJid)
Requests disco info of a room.
Disco: function(msg)
Sets informations to rooms according to the disco info received.
self.disconnect = function()
Leave all rooms and disconnect
emotify: function(text)
Replaces text-emoticons with their image equivalent.
escape: function(text)
Escapes a text using a jQuery function (like htmlspecialchars in PHP)
self.escapeJid = function(jid)
Escapes a jid (node & resource get escaped)
fitTabs: function()
Fit tab size according to window size
self.forceRedraw = function(elem)
Fix IE7 not redrawing under some circumstances.
this.get = function(jid)
Get user from roster
this.getAffiliation = function()
Gets user affiliation
this.getAll = function()
Get all items
self.getConnection = function()
Gets Strophe connection
self.getCookie = function(name)
Returns the cookie value if there’s one with this name, otherwise returns undefined
self.getCurrent = function()
Get current container & roomJid in an object.
this.getCustomData = function()
Retrieve custom data
this.getEscapedJid = function()
Escapes the user’s jid (node & resource get escaped)
self.getIeVersion = function()
Returns local variable `ie` which you can use to detect which IE version is available.
GetIgnoreList: function()
Get existing ignore privacy list when connecting.
this.getJid = function()
Get room jid
this.getJid = function()
Gets an unescaped user jid
GetJidIfAnonymous: function()
On anonymous login, initially we don’t know the jid and as a result, Candy.Core._user doesn’t have a jid.
getMenuLinks: function(roomJid,
Extends initialMenuLinks with menu links gathered from candy:view.roster.contextmenu
this.getName = function()
Get room name
this.getNick = function()
Gets user nick
self.getOptions = function()
Gets options
self.getOptions = function()
Gets options
getPane: function(roomJid,
Get the chat room pane or a subPane of it (if subPane is specified)
self.getPosLeftAccordingToWindowBounds = function(elem,
Fetches the window width and element width and checks if specified position + element width is bigger than the window width.
self.getPosTopAccordingToWindowBounds = function(elem,
Fetches the window height and element height and checks if specified position + element height is bigger than the window height.
this.getPrivacyList = function(list)
Returns the privacy list of the listname of the param.
this.getRole = function()
Gets user role
self.getRoom = function(roomJid)
Gets a specific room
self.getRooms = function()
Gets all joined rooms
this.getRoster = function()
Get roster
self.getStropheStatus = function()
Get the status set by Strophe.
getTab: function(roomJid)
Get tab by JID.
self.getUser = function()
Gets current user
this.getUser = function()
Get current local user
getUser: function(roomJid)
Get the current user in the room specified with the jid
hasFocus: function()
Checks if window has focus
Gets the previous nickname if available.
hide: function(callback)
Hide modal window
hide: function()
Hide toolbar.
hideCloseControl: function()
Hide the close button
hideSpinner: function()
Hide loading spinner