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Candy base class for initalizing the view and the core
Candy Chat Core
Chat Actions (basicly a abstraction of Jabber commands)
Jabber actions
Room-specific commands
Room administration commands
Candy Chat Room
Chat Roster
Chat User
Chat Events
Jabber related events
Room specific events
Strophe-related events
Candy utils
Parser for emoticons, links and also supports escaping.
The Candy View Class
Observes Candy core events
Displays an error about missing autojoin information
Chat events
Presence update events
Candy view pane handles everything regarding DOM updates etc.
Chat-View related view updates
Context menu for actions and settings
Message submit/show handling
Modal window
Private room handling
Everything which belongs to room view things belongs here.
Chat toolbar for things like emoticons toolbar, room management etc.
Class to display tooltips over specific elements
Window related view updates
Contains mustache.js templates
Contains translations